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1~32 電子データなし
33. N.Sato: “ Energy Technologies and Business Models for Sustainable Society ”, 8th Green Chemistry Conference, Zaragoza, Written only (2009)
34. N.Sato: “ Lithium-ion Battery and Surface Technologies “, 国際シンポジウム「表面技術の新しい潮流」講演(2012)
35. 佐藤:「リチウムイオン電池の技術動向とグローバル協業」、第4回国際二次電池展専門技術セミナー講演(2013)
36. N.Sato: ” Heating-up of xEV and battery related biz. as the key issues “, 2015国際電気自動車模範都市と産業発展のフォーラム講演、上海(2015)
37. N.Sato: ” Trends of Lithium ion Battery for xEV and Future Direction “, International Lithium-ion Battery and Applications Seminar, Shenzhen (2016)
38. N.Sato:“Global Competitiveness and Technological Trends on Batteries for Automobile Electrification”, International Lithium-Ion Battery and Applications Seminar, Shenzhen(2016)
39. N.Sato:“Global Business Trends of Automobile Electrification, Battery Industries & Evaluation Methods”, International Seminar on User Evaluation and Innovative Application of New Energy Vehicle, Shenzhen(2016)
40. N.Sato: “Battery Technology Trends and Competitiveness for Automobile Electrification”, Business-Academia Collaborative Forum “4th Automotive Engineers Forum in Bangkok”, Bangkok(2018)
41. N.Sato: “”,Economy Chosun Global Conference(2018)